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A successful Smart utility requires seamless integration of all the systems involved; from the smart meter infrastructure through to the utility‚Äôs enterprise-wide systems. Our EnergyIP data web services and open API’s ensure that you can connect not only all your data sources, but also all the applications that would benefit from the meter data.

eMeter Applications for EnergyIP
eMeter AMI adapters

AMI Adapters

AMI Adapters are two-way interfaces with the AMI data collection systems that sit in between the data collection systems and other applications in EnergyIP. These adapters transform the data coming from the data collection systems to a common format so that EnergyIP can interpret and process it.

eMeter Integration with Enterprise Applications

Integration with Enterprise Applications

Additionally eMeter works with upstream enterprise applications such as CIS, Billing, GIS, and Outage Management to provide the rich data that has been analyzed, parsed and appropriately delivered just as these systems require.

eMeter SAP Integration

eMeter & SAP

SAP is the leader for utility mission-critical enterprise software including CRM, CIS and ERP systems. With the eMeter EnergyIP MDUS Integration Pack, we simplify the integration between SAP for Utilities, AMI infrastructure, and other enterprise systems.