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    Siemens Metering Services
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    N/A - System Integrator and Reseller
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    System Integration Services, Reseller

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Siemens Metering Services

Siemens supports its customers in the development of intelligent transmission and distribution grids as well as in the integration of central and distributed power generation. In the field of Smart Grid technologies, Siemens customers mainly include power producers, grid operators, industrial companies, multi-utilities, cities, and rail operators. Siemens provides utilities with a complete range of products, solutions, and services for the protection, automation, planning, control, monitoring, and diagnostics of grid infrastructures as well as products, turnkey solutions, and services for rail electrification. Software and end-to-end solutions from enterprise IT all the way to smart metering are gaining increasing importance.

Siemens Metering Services is a leading supplier of advanced utility systems, solutions and services throughout the metering value chain.

With metering and communication services from Siemens, data can be used to:

  • Make power flows more transparent
  • Make metering at commercial boundaries more precise
  • Make processes more efficient
  • Make revenues more dependable
  • Get customers more engaged

eMeter and Siemens have been working together on mutual customer implementations since 2009, and eMeter is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Siemens AG.