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Application partners provide innovative solutions that add value by extending and enhancing functionality within the EnergyIP Platform. These products are often designed to be part of a larger Smart Grid solution built around EnergyIP. eMeter and our Application partners’ product management teams regularly review product roadmaps and interoperability plans, with a focus on supporting customers. Our goal is to enhance the breadth of our offering to utilities by providing business-specific services such as prepayment, enhanced customer engagement, mobile workforce management and grid diagnostics. eMeter Application Partners:

  • Provide interoperable solutions based on common roadmaps, industry standards, and accepted best practices to future-proof integrations with a common upgrade path.
  • Jointly promote interoperability between EnergyIP and Partner AMI network brands, consulting capabilities, and enterprise solutions and standards.
  • Drive innovation, generate new business modeling, and create opportunities to deliver first-ever joint and unique offerings in the marketplace.